Tecnotion is the perfect partner in linear motor solutions. Their linear drives offer a lot of advantages over regular rotary designs, the most distinctive being unequaled positioning precision and accuracy and a low cost of ownership, resulting in decreased production costs and increased production efficiency.

The products they can offer including:

  • Iron Core Linear Motors, which gives you high accuracy at top speed, short settling time and micron operational precision.
  • Linear Ironless Motors. Tecnotion's Linear Ironless Motors are based upon the ironless principle. They stand out for their great dynamics and for the fact that they show no 'cogging'.
  • HALL Sensor for positioning without encoder
    The HALL Sensor is the ideal alternative in positioning processes where cost-effective and accurate linear motor movements are required. The HALL Sensor enables the user to replace optical or magnetic encoders by simply mounting the reading head on the coil unit surface.

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